Products I REGRET buying!

 In the makeup world, buying makeup is serious business! So much of time and thought goes into the final purchase... wether these products were not so fantastic as they were in the store, or it was an impulse buy, or it was something I just HAD to have.... These products STUNK! and I'm going to tell you why.

1) NARS Lipgloss in Easy Lover
     There is so much hype that goes into these NARS lip glosses that I almost feel bad for doing this... But this lipgloss just didn't do it for me, the color payoff was great when I had first tried it in the store, but as soon as i left for lunch, I was left with bare lips and none of the beautiful color I had seen in the tube left on my pout! And mind you, this was something I had been wanting to purchase for some time. "Turkish Delight" another fan favorite, is a beautiful color but these glosses slip and slide and are just too high maintenance for the money you're paying! They taste and smell like plastic, so the attention to   detail is a falter there and overall, just a product I regret buying and will not be purchasing again.

2) Makeup For Ever Foundation Mat Velvet +

                                       I was SO excited to try this product but alas, I was left absolutely heartbroken when it turned out to be a COMPLETE dud. It brings me utter sadness to say that this product was, well, for lack of a better word, a complete waste of thirty-five dollars, and a waste of my good research. I have no idea why the description claims it to be a matifying formula, it has these reflective particles in it that are just so hard to ignore. This was a purchase made in the summer, and living in southern California, it gets hot and shimmer on your face while sweating is just NOT cute. The shading, however, is brilliant, it matches my skin tone perfectly, seeing that most foundations are either too orange, too yellow, or too pink, these color choices are fantastic, but the shimmer was such a huge element in the foundation, that I can't and won't repurchase this product.

3) Simple Eye Makeup Remover


    Grrr... It was a cheap last minute purchase at Target, but that leaves it no excuse to not work... This product was so drying and irritating to my skin... All I needed to remove was eyeliner and  mascara. It made my eye area red and puffy, maybe I had an allergic reaction, however this is a product I will NOT be purchasing again.

Bye lovlies, sorry for the short post....