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Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you the second installment of my Makeup Collection. Today we are focusing on the palettes. Want to see more? Keep reading -->

First up, the Urban Decay Palettes. I've got UD 15th Anni, Mariposa, Naked 1 and Naked 2.

UD Anni Palette: Lots of color options here, from subtle daytime to smokey night and brights in between. Granted, these are all frosty and shimmery shadows. The pinks are lacking in pigmentation a bit, but overall I love this palette.


Mariposa palette: I honestly bought this palette for the shade mushroom alone. I love the other shades, but the more "highlight" type shades are lacking in pigmentation.

The original Naked palette. We've all seen this one a thousand times before :P

And the much-awaited sequel, Naked 2. I like this one much more than the first, to be honest.

Now, my beloved Kat Von D palettes.

The first palette she put out in a white case, Memento Mori. A total hodge podge of colors here, purple, pinky bronze, blue, green, highlight.

Truth, one of her newer palettes and one of the last made in the rubberized packaging. Greens and pinky purples. Nice for spring.

Angeles. Released around the same time as Truth. I like this one more. Blues and browns that really go well together.

Ludwig. One of the original True Romance palettes. Neutrals and greens.

True Love, another of the original palettes in her line. Mostly purples and highlights.

Gypsy, one of the original palettes and the first to be DC'd. Largely green based palette and probably my favorite.

And now, my misc. palettes.

Too Faced Sephora 500pt perk palette. Nice quick and easy palette.

The Balm Nude'Tude, one of my favorite. I wouldn't exactly call it a nude or neutral palette per say though.

Sugarpill Burning Heart, I could NOT get a good picture of this palette.

And finally, Nyx Butt Naked. I do like this palette as far as shadows go, but I haven't tried the face products yet.

Whew, That was a long post!

Thanks for reading :)

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