Holy Grail Series: Face


Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you part 2 of my holy grail series featuring Face type products. Want to know more? Keep reading -->

First up we have MAC MSFN, I am currently using the shade Medium. I have been using this product for several years now. No matter what foundation I buy to try, I always go back to this powder. The coverage is light-medium and leaves a satin-y finish. I have never broken out or gotten any type of irritation from this product.

I suppose this item is actually a little more of an eye product, but I am including it here. The Elf studio brow kit. It's compact, its cheap and it works. What more can you ask for in a good product?

Third on this list is Urban Decay's all nighter spray. This stuff really works. The smell is a bit odd, but it diffuses quickly and doesn't linger on your skin. It makes my makeup last for 11 hours. The price is a little high on the full sized bottle... but with how long it will last, I feel it is worth it.

Last but not least, Benefit Erase Paste. I have shade 02. I got this in one of their mini kits and instantly fell in love. It blends in well, and covers my dark circles like a dream. When I run out, I will have to have more.

« Studio brow kit's price point
« MSFN's dependability
« Erase paste being available in mini sizes
« How well All nighter works

« The price point of most of these items

« No mediocre comments.

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