Review: Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes


 Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you a small review of the Neutrogena Makeup Remover wipes. Want to know more? Keep reading -->

These retail for just under $5.00 at walmart, drugstores etc. They advertise them as being able to remove eye makeup in one swipe. This, is not true. At least, not in my experience. I have emptied the entire pack now, and not once was it able to remove it all in one swipe. 

The smell is light and non-offensive. They aren't too wet or too dry. They do remove makeup and remove it well. However, they stung my eyes a little bit. It wasn't unbearable burning or anything, but enough to be annoying.

« The price.
« Availability.

« The stinging of the eyes.
« The packaging, the sticky flap pops open all of the time.

« The smell.
« Its performance.
These wipes are average makeup removing wipes. They work well enough and are easy enough to get a hold of. Nothing spectacular, but they aren't terrible.

Use: 3/5
Packaging: 3/5
Price: $
Repurchase? Probably not.

Thanks for reading :)

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Makeup Collection: Palettes


Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you the second installment of my Makeup Collection. Today we are focusing on the palettes. Want to see more? Keep reading -->

First up, the Urban Decay Palettes. I've got UD 15th Anni, Mariposa, Naked 1 and Naked 2.

UD Anni Palette: Lots of color options here, from subtle daytime to smokey night and brights in between. Granted, these are all frosty and shimmery shadows. The pinks are lacking in pigmentation a bit, but overall I love this palette.


Mariposa palette: I honestly bought this palette for the shade mushroom alone. I love the other shades, but the more "highlight" type shades are lacking in pigmentation.

The original Naked palette. We've all seen this one a thousand times before :P

And the much-awaited sequel, Naked 2. I like this one much more than the first, to be honest.

Now, my beloved Kat Von D palettes.

The first palette she put out in a white case, Memento Mori. A total hodge podge of colors here, purple, pinky bronze, blue, green, highlight.

Truth, one of her newer palettes and one of the last made in the rubberized packaging. Greens and pinky purples. Nice for spring.

Angeles. Released around the same time as Truth. I like this one more. Blues and browns that really go well together.

Ludwig. One of the original True Romance palettes. Neutrals and greens.

True Love, another of the original palettes in her line. Mostly purples and highlights.

Gypsy, one of the original palettes and the first to be DC'd. Largely green based palette and probably my favorite.

And now, my misc. palettes.

Too Faced Sephora 500pt perk palette. Nice quick and easy palette.

The Balm Nude'Tude, one of my favorite. I wouldn't exactly call it a nude or neutral palette per say though.

Sugarpill Burning Heart, I could NOT get a good picture of this palette.

And finally, Nyx Butt Naked. I do like this palette as far as shadows go, but I haven't tried the face products yet.

Whew, That was a long post!

Thanks for reading :)

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Makeup Collection: Overview


Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you the Overview of my Makeup Collection. More in-depth posts to come. I did not realize how much effort goes into making a collection post. Want to see more? Keep reading -->

Here is a quick view of my brushes. Mostly Sigma, there are a few Elf, a couple of Mac and my Kat Von D set.

These are the things I reach for on a daily basis. There's foundation, setting spray, mascara, favorite lipsticks, brow stuff and my kabuki.

On top of my storage drawers I keep cleansers, moisturizers, brush cleanser and my UD All Nighter.

One of my two file holders for my palettes. They don't hold much, I really need to seek out some bigger ones. There are four palettes in this one. Nyx butt naked, UD 15 anni palette, UD Mariposa (its hiding) and a palette from Etsy with some depotted blushes in it.

Palette holder number two. This one has six Kat Von D palettes, TheBalm Nude'Tude, Too Faced 500pt perk from Sephora palette, Naked 1 and 2.

The top compartment of the drawer container on the right holds lip balms, treatments and lip primers.

The first drawer is home to my lippies. Mac, revlon, KVD, Tarte, Benefit and a couple other randoms.

The second drawer has eye products. Paint pot, cream shadows, gel liners, pencil liners, a lone Sugarpill palette, brow kit and a mac solarbits.

The third drawer in this container is home to the majority of my blush products. Nars, Mac, Nyx, Benefit, Urban Decay, Sleek.

The top drawer in the second container is face products. TM, primer, powder, foundation, concealer, BB cream, loose powder.

The second drawer contains misc. cheek products that didn't fit in the other drawer. MSFs, a tarte highlighter, a random blush, and a Mac ombre blush.

The last drawer holds tools and perfume samples.

This little bag has more tools, travel type things.

Travel makeup bag.

Pocket on the travel bag.

Thanks for reading :)

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Holy Grail Series: Lips

Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you the final post in my HG series. This one is featuring lip products. I don't have a lot of HG lip products, I use and love too many for that. Want to know more? Keep reading -->

First up, we have Mac Prep + Prime lip. I have issues with flakey lips and lip lines. This more or less works as a lip balm, but out of all I own this one does the best at filling in my flakies and lines. 

 My HG, go to lipstick is Kat Von D's Lolita. I reach for this lipstick more than any other I own and I adore the color. 

Here's a quick swatch of Lolita.

« Prep + Prime lip's effectiveness.
« The versatility of Lolita.

« Lolita's price. Not sure it's really worth the price point.

« Prep + Prime lip's price.


«  Repurchase? Most definitely.  

Thanks for reading :)

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Holy Grail Series: Skincare

Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you my HG "skincare" products. I don't have many of them. Want to know more? Keep reading -->

Product number one is a relatively recent acquisition but it quickly rose to the top of my list. Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is so far the best moisturizer I have used. It's price isn't bad, the smell isn't bad (although they claim it to be fragrance free) and the bottle has plenty of product in it. It soaks into my skin quickly and moisturizes well.

This product I have actually been using for quite some time now. C.O. Bigelow's Rose Salve. I use this for my lips, cuticles and dry patches on my face or anywhere else. It is petroleum based and some people do not like that, but that fact does not bother me. Especially since it gets the job done, and gets it done well. It does not exactly smell like roses, but the smell isn't offensive. The small tin it comes in is not only travel friendly, but it lasts forever.

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment SPF15, oh how I love thee. This lip balm glides on so smoothly and does a superb job of keeping my lips soft. I have the mini sizes from Sephora's VIB birthday gift, but when they run out I WILL be purchasing full size. The price for it is on the unfriendly side, but I feel it is worth the price tag.

« Clinique's wide availability.
« Rose bud salve's amount of product.
« How great Fresh Lip Treatment feels on the lips.

« Rose salve being in a pot.
« Fresh's price point.

« Clinique's price point.
« Rose salve's smell.


«  Repurchase? All of them, for sure. 

Thanks for reading :)

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Holy Grail Series: Cheeks

Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you part 3 of my HG series. This post is featuring cheek products. Want to know more? Keep reading -->

 The first product I want to talk about is Mac's Lightscapade MSF. There was a lot of crazy hype surrounding this product because it is one of Mac's most unique MSFs. Following the hype was a lot of disappointment from buyers saying it is not as good as the original release. Personally, I like this release and it is my perfect cheek/bridge/brow bone highlighter. Plus, with the amount of product in this little compact, it will last for ages.

It has a bit of an odd smell to it that I cannot really describe, and it has a small amount of powdery fallout when you dip your brush in the pan. Its pigmentation is light, but that's not a bad thing with a highlighter.

 Product number two is a Nars Blush. The shade I have deemed my HG is the famous Orgasm. Now, a lot of people feel this color is over hyped, but I personally love this as a go-to blush. It gives a lovely flush to my fair skin, and the sheen is not over the top.

There is a good amount of powder fallout when putting your brush to the product, as you can see in the picture. The pigmentation is not OUTSTANDING, but it is good enough for an every day blush.

 The third and final product in this post is my HG liquid highlighter. Benefit's High Beam is a wonderful liquid highlighter. The price, I find to be too much so I obtain this product in mini size from sephora sets of minis.

« High beam's pigmentation
« Orgasm's appearance on my cheeks
« Lightscapade's subtleness

« High beam's price
« Orgasm's powdery fallout
« Lightscapade's limited availability

« High beam's packaging
« Orgasm's pigmentation
« Lightscapade's price

I use these three products so frequently there's no way I couldn't consider them my HG cheek products :) I recommend!!

«  Price: $$$
«  Repurchase? Of Course

Thanks for reading :)

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Holy Grail Series: Face


Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you part 2 of my holy grail series featuring Face type products. Want to know more? Keep reading -->

First up we have MAC MSFN, I am currently using the shade Medium. I have been using this product for several years now. No matter what foundation I buy to try, I always go back to this powder. The coverage is light-medium and leaves a satin-y finish. I have never broken out or gotten any type of irritation from this product.

I suppose this item is actually a little more of an eye product, but I am including it here. The Elf studio brow kit. It's compact, its cheap and it works. What more can you ask for in a good product?

Third on this list is Urban Decay's all nighter spray. This stuff really works. The smell is a bit odd, but it diffuses quickly and doesn't linger on your skin. It makes my makeup last for 11 hours. The price is a little high on the full sized bottle... but with how long it will last, I feel it is worth it.

Last but not least, Benefit Erase Paste. I have shade 02. I got this in one of their mini kits and instantly fell in love. It blends in well, and covers my dark circles like a dream. When I run out, I will have to have more.

« Studio brow kit's price point
« MSFN's dependability
« Erase paste being available in mini sizes
« How well All nighter works

« The price point of most of these items

« No mediocre comments.

Thanks for reading :)

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