What's in the Bag: Small B&BW Haul


Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you a small Bath and Body Works haul. Want to know more? Keep reading -->

So, to start, these are the items I purchased. I am addicted to their Pocketbacs and just recently got interested in their body and hand soaps.

The ones I picked up are:
Sweet Pea
Fresh Picked Tangerine
Fresh Picked Strawberries
Fresh Market Apple
I Love Shopping
And Sweet Pea body wash.

I really like the tangy fruit scents they have, Fresh Market Apple is my favorite. This is my third Pocketbac in that scent. Out of the new scents I got, Fresh Picked Tangerines is one of the best.

Along with my purchase I got a couple of GWPs. I got the tote featured in the first photo that has this little bow design on it. I also got a travel size Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion. I find several scents in B&BW to be overpowering, but I am pleased to say I like this one and when I finish my current lotion I will be using it.

That's it for my little haul.

Thanks for reading :)

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