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This is a very popular product from the Too Faced permanent line. The Chocolate Soleil bronzer has gotten many raves across the internet and comes recommended in stores.

First off, I have to mention that this bronzer smells AMAZING. It is chocolate scented, so those chocolate lovers out there (like myself) would likely really enjoy this.

Chocolate Soleil is a matte bronzer. It is a light, warm-toned shade, so not really fit for those cool toned ladies such as myself. The pigmentation is wonderful, it blends easily and looks nice on. You can apply this lightly with a stippling brush, or heavier with a powder/contour/bronzer brush. It seems to be finely milled and it does kick up a fair share of powder when you dip your brush into it and swirl it around. Its not too bad, but it is noticeable.

The large mirror in the compact is a huge plus. The packaging is nice and travel friendly as well.

Unfortunately for me, it pulls very red on my cool toned skin, so I will be returning this product today.

I do love this bronzer, and I so wish it worked for my skin tone. If it was cooler toned, it would be a 100% winner for me. I recommend this product, but I also suggest trying it in the store first to make sure it does not pull red on you as it did for me.

« OMG that smell. I love it.
« The compact packaging.
« Its matte.

« Very skin tone specific product.

« The price.

If this product worked for my skin tone, it would probably be holy grail status. Good pigmentation, wonderful smell, blends easily. I'm very sad that this is too red for me. For darker, more warmed tone gals.. I highly recommend this!

Overall: 4/5
USE: 4/5
Price: $$
Repurchase? Sadly, no.
Thanks for reading :)
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