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Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you a review of the Kat Von D Kat Eye brush set from Sephora. Want to know more? Keep reading -->


 This is the interior of the brush set. It has a magnetic button closure on the outside and a protective flap with the Kat Von D logo printed on it to cover the brushes.





The brushes fit snuggly inside the travel sized brush roll they come with. From left to right we have the angled eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow blending brush, flat eyeliner brush, smudge brush and angled brow brush.

The angled eyeshadow brush is quite fluffy, but not especially dense. It works well for applying and blending out crease colors. I like the brush, but I have others I prefer for this purpose.

The eyeshadow blending brush is slightly more dense than the angled eyeshadow brush. It works well for applying lid color, however it is not the greatest blending brush in the world. It will do the job, but I have used better.

The flat eyeliner brush is my least favorite in the set, mostly because it is too big for my eyes. It is a little on the flimsy side. It does not work well for applying gel liner but works ok for tightlining with a shadow.

The smudge brush is one of my favorite brushes of all. It works wonderfully for smudging eyeshadow or liner to the top or bottom lashline. It is a nice size, small but not too small, and the bristles are a nice density.

The angled brow brush has become my go-to eyebrow filling brush. It is a great size for the job and the bristles aren't flimsy. I use it with the cream and powder sides of my Elf Studio brow kit and it does a great job with both.

Overall, I really like this brush set. I'm not 100% sure it is worth the 48.00 price tag, but I do not regret paying the money for them. They're a nice travel size and the come with a travel brush roll. To top it all off, the design is pretty! Each of these five brushes have gotten a lot of love from me on a daily basis. I would recommend this set to someone needing a travel friendly eye brush kit.

THE GOOD: Quality

THE BAD: The price

ITS JUST ALRIGHT: Brush variety 

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