Review: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

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This product is available at Clinique counters and retailers such as for $24.50. You can view the product here.
In February I realized I was running out of my moisturizer and wanted to try something new. I read up on a few products, and this one seemed like the most bang for your buck out of the options I was considering.
I purchased this lotion for my dry - dry combination skin in the 4.2 FL OZ bottle. This size is the middle size. This lotion is also available in a 1.7 FL OZ tube and 6.7 FL OZ large bottle. The 4.2 OZ size is a good sized bottle and will last for quite a while.
Clinique claims this is a fragrance free lotion, which is only partly true. The scent is very light but it does have a generic cosmetic scent to it.
This lotion soaks into my skin quickly and moisturizes it well. I was told I should purchase the gel for my skin, but I strongly prefer the lotion. Gels have a weird consistency in my opinion and I do not like them. 
I use this product twice daily and my skin is doing quite well as a result.
« The price point. $24.50 for a 4.2 OZ bottle is not bad in my opinion.
« The packaging. I really like the square shaped bottle.
« The lightness of the scent.
« How quickly it absorbs into my skin.
« The pump becomes very messy very quick.
« Yea.. that's it.
« If the fragrance free claim was true, that would be a plus.
I truly enjoy this line of skincare products from Clinique. I highly recommend them and I will repurchase when I eventually run out!
« Overall: 5/5
« Packaging: 4/5
« Price: $$
« Repurchase? Yes.
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