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I actually purchased my Beauty Blender at a Veda Spa here in town. You can purchase this product at a Sephora store or on here. I paid $19.95 plus tax at the spa, and for the single beauty blender the price is the same on
So, my first impressions of this little tool were not so great. After using it a few times my opinions have changed.

I've had different results with different products on this tool. The first time I tried this sponge I used it with a cream foundation. The results with the cream foundation were not so great. The foundation went on too thick, cakey and splotchy. I was not pleased with this. The second time I tried using it for concealer. The smaller end is still a bit too big to apply concealer around my eyes, but it went on ok. I prefer my fingers for this. Now, I used this little pink egg with my matchmaster foundation and it went on beautifully. Not too thick, not cakey and it did not accentuate any dry patches. I much prefer the finish of that foundation with the Beauty Blender to a standard foundation brush.

As far as cleaning goes... my Beauty Blender is still bleeding pink when I wash it and I do have a hard time getting all of the soap out when I rinse it out. I also have a hard time removing -all- of the foundation from the sponge when cleansing it.

With all of that said, I truly do enjoy this tool for my regular foundation. I will stick to a foundation brush for my cream foundation, but as far as the matchmaster goes... this is the only thing I will apply it with. The Beauty Blender is definitely worth the price. There's a little hassle with it at times, but it does work wonderfully. I would recommend this little pink egg to anyone with a standard liquid foundation.

« When it works, it WORKS.
« Small and compact.
« Cleaning this thing is a bit more difficult than I like.
« The price. A bit high for a pink sponge, if you ask me.
« The amount of foundation it soaks up.
« The fact that it bleeds pink for a long time.

« Ease of use.
I like this sponge, and I like the finish it can give with certain types of foundation. Do I feel this is a necessary tool? No. Do I recommend it? Sure, if you like this sort of thing.
Overall: 3/5
Price: $$
Use: 3/5
Repurchase? Probably not.

Thanks for reading :)
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