Peter Thomas Roth

As the title suggests, this is a mini-review about Peter Thomas Roth's "Blemish Buster Kit".
In 2010, I was under a lot of stress from... stress-related things, and my cheeks started breaking out worse than when I was in high school (I'm 29, now)!! I've been trying so many skin routines, but my skin has merely plateaued, and not completely cleared up, which is aggravating. Recently, I was recommended to buy this Peter Thomas Roth kit from Sephora, with promises of near-instant results. At $35, I figured I would try it, since it didn't burn a huge hole in my wallet... After only four days, my blemishes were starting to recede, but the rest of my skin was taking a Beta Hydroxy beating! The skin around my mouth was SO DRY... (how dry was it?) thank you. It was so dry, that I was making it crack and peel from talking! No matter what moisturizers I put in that area, to calm it down, it stung like I had poured straight Isopropyl Alcohol on it. For the first time, since I discovered Sephora's existence, I had to return a product.

Evidently, the Beta Hydroxy formula is for extremely oily and acne-prone skin. Of course, on the front package, it says: MAXIMUM STRENGTH in all caps... You'd think that would have been my first clue, but no. The mixture of glycolic acid, beta hydroxy Acid, sulfur, and salicylic acid was really too much for my skin. I guess it's not as acne-prone as I had previously assumed. SO... what's the point of this review, then? Lesson learned: If you have really, REALLY oily and/or acne-prone skin, this kit is definitely for you. If you have combination skin, or you just have a few sporadic blemishes on your face, like me, this is way too strong and you will end up returning it. Let's put it this way: I'm using Aquaphor on my face, to bring it back to normal. I hope this helped any of you. Leave questions and/or comments below!

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