Yellow Nail Varnish Swatches!

Hey beauty nerds! It's been a while since I last posted nail varnish swatches, but fear not, I have been doing them, I just haven't had the time to sit and upload them.  So there'll be an influx of them today.  It's time for the yellows, of which I have three. Yellow, was definitely one of my favourite summer colours. So here goes.

Firstly we have LA Colors Art Deco Nail Polish in 'Yellow'

And here's what it's like on the nails:

It's a very bright lemon yellow, which I really like.  But I do have some issues with it's application, firstly, the formula is quite thin, so it is naturally uneven, and secondly, as the brush is a fine nail art brush it's also very difficult to coat the nails with colour before it starts to dry, so you end up with a very uneven finish, like in the picture.  If I were to apply it again, I'd definitely use a much thicker brush, either from an old nail polish or from a nail art brush set.  I bought this for £1 at my local Harry Tuffins Store.

Next we have Rimmel London's I <3 Lasting Finish Nail Polish in '55 Sunshine'

Here's it on the nails:

This is more of a sunshine yellow than a lemon like the last polish. Though they do look very similar.  The application for this colour is much easier and the formula is much thicker.  I really love this bright yellow.  I got this for around £2.99 at my local pharmacy.

Here's the two bright yellows swatched next to each other just to show the difference:

There we go, the middle left is Rimmel and the middle right is LA Colors, you can see the slight difference between them as the Rimmel is a slightly warmer colour than the LA Colors.

Lastly we have LA Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in 'Seashell'

Here's it on the nails:

This is a beautiful shimmery pale golden yellow.  This is a little sheer even with two coats, so three will probably be needed for the best coverage.  I adore this colour, it's my favourite out of the yellows.  I got this for £1 at my local Harry Tuffins Store.

So that's all my yellows for now.  Speak to you soon beauty nerds! xx