Sleek Haul! Part 2: Pout Paints!!

So this is the second part to my Sleek haul, and this is about the brand new Pout Paints! Sleek's alternative to OCC's Lip Tars.  I went ahead and bought all of them, so I have all 11 shades, I've yet to try mixing them but when I do I'll make a post about that.  But before I get to the Pout Paints I also had a free gift from Sleek, because I spent so much money, and it was a Mini High Shine Gloss, and I got to choose the colour so I went for the darkest of them, which was a kind of brown-red colour with gold.  And here it is:

And here's it swatched:

It's quite pretty, a very nude colour with a hint of gold and quite a lot of shine.  I was quite impressed with this actually as I normally don't like lip glosses, but this was no where near as sticky as most lip glosses, and it smelled like coconut so I fell in love with it instantly.

Right now that that's done, we can focus on the important stuff, Pout Paints!

This is he whole collection, from Top Left to Bottom Right we have: Peek-A-Bloo, Minx, Mauve Over, Rosette, Lava, Pinkini, Milkshake, Peachy Keen, Port, Cloud 9, and Pin Up.  I have to say my favourites from this collection are Pin Up, Lava, Mauve Over and Port.  They all apply really easily.  But only ever apply them with a brush, do not use your fingers as they will stain them.  They have great staying power and amazing pigmentation, I absolutely love them!  Now it's time for all the swatches:



Mauve Over





Peachy Keen


Cloud 9

Pin Up

So there they are.  They're absolutely amazing to work with, as long as you clean up any mistakes quickly it won't stain, they are super pigmented and really vibrant and fun.  There were a few that weren't as pigmented as the others, or a little thinner than the others and they were: Peek-A-Bloo, Peachy Keen and Cloud 9, but if you were to layer them on after they'd dried, they'd be more pigmented.  They have really great staying power and aren't really drying at all.  They also feel great on the lips as they're not sticky at all like a lip gloss, and they don't feel as heavy or thick as a lipstick, in fact they're so light you can hardly notice you're wearing them.  I'm really in love with these products.

You can get these for £4.99 each at the Sleek Website and also at some Superdrug stores, the Sleek Website will be able to tell you which stores stock Sleek products near you.

I hope you liked these swatches, these will definitely be appearing in a lot of my tutorials, they really are incredible, so don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel CatsCosmetics so you can keep up to date with all my videos and tutorials.

Speak to you soon beauty nerds! xx