Return From Real Life

Almost exactly one year ago, I started this blog, with the full intent of updating it on a regular basis, but it was put on the wayside, in favor of failing a whole term of college. DX


As it turned out, the IsQueen BB Cream didn't work for me. I liked the feeling of the formula, but the shade was too light (it only comes in two shades: light and lighter. XD) and I still broke out, no matter how often I used it. BB Creams are a nice idea, but this one in particular didn't work on my skin. Because of all the stresses of the past year, I've been lucky to have clear skin, period. While I was in Guam, on vacation, this summer, I discovered the joys of Lily of the Valley 99% Aloe Vera gel. That stuff is no joke. Every day that I used it, my skin cleared up! I thought it was a miracle! Seriously, if you have skin as dry as the sands of Tatooine OR as greasy as the Dagobah swamp, then this stuff is for you.

Holy A$$crackers, Batman! DC Shoes released a Ken Block vid on YouTube! A MUST-SEE.

This was just quick, to let people know, if anyone even READS this blog, that I'm alive and well, and I'll hopefully continue this moar often. Please, leave questions, comments below!!