Green Nail Varnish Swatches!

Hey beauty nerds!  Now it's time for the green nail varnish swatches.  Green is one of my favourite colours for summer, sadly I only have three green nail varnishes, I seriously need to invest in some more.  So this will be a shorter swatch post than normal, but they'll be some more on the way very soon!

Here goes, first up we have L.A Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in 'Palm Tree'

And here's what it's like on the nails:

It's a very bright pure green, it's a really great colour.  As you can tell it is quite sheer, even after two coats you can still see the nail underneath.  So I'd suggest three coats for perfect coverage.  I bought this for £1 at my local Harry Tuffins store.

Next we have, Nyx Girls Nail Varnish in 'Garden'

Here's it on the nails:

This colour is amazing.  It's a bright almost neon pale green, it almost glows on your fingers, I really love it.  The only problem is it's very very sheer, as you can see by the picture, after two coats you can still see almost all the nail.  I'd suggest a good three coats for good coverage, but it's worth it for this awesome colour!  I got this for around £1.50 from discount beauty store All Wellan Good at Cheshire Oaks designer outlet.

And lastly we have L.A Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in 'Current'

Here's it on the nails:

This colour is so amazing.  It's a brilliant serpent green, it reminds me a little of Medusa.  With a yellowy-green base, and green, blue, silver, and gold tones in it, it's definitely a colour I haven't seen before.  And I'm in love with it.  My only issue is just how sheer it is, it's definitely the most sheer out of all of these greens. (What is it with my greens being so sheer?!) You'll definitely need three or four coats to give good coverage, but it'd definitely be worth it because this colour is incredible.

And that's all my greens for now, I'm definitely purchasing some more.

Speak to you soon beauty nerds! xx