So recently, I had a bit of a nail varnish haul.  A haul of 47 nail varnishes.  And I've got five more on the way.  Yeah, I know that's pretty bad.  But, they're replacing all my older nail varnishes, as they're pretty much useless now.   So bit by bit I'm going to post swatches from my haul, going from colour to colour, and I'm starting out with blues.  Then greens and so on.  In each of the swatch posts, I'll write where I got them and for how much, detailing the finish, staying power, and colour payoff from them.  I hope you enjoy the next couple of posts.

Also, I've just finished recording and editing my first YouTube video for my makeup channel.  I'll make a post about it a little bit later when it's actually up on YouTube.  There'll also be some photos of the look in the post too.
So, that's about it, keep checking back for those swatches, some of them are pretty amazing =]