Blue-Green Nail Varnish Swatches!

Ok, so on with swatching my collection, this time it's the turn of the blue-greens, currently one of my favourite colours for this summer, along with greens and oranges, they're basically all I've been wearing.  I've got some Nail Wheels coming through the post soon, so hopefully I'll be doing some videos on my nail varnish collection too, which will be a lot of fun, because I'm crazy about some of these colours! So let's get to it.

First up we have L.A. Colors Color Crazde Nail Polish in 'Atomic'

Here's what it's like swatched on the nails:
This is a really great toxic looking green-blue, I have two issues with this polish though, the first is that it changes colour when it hits sunlight, inside the house, or when there's little sunlight it's a really bright green-blue, but as soon as it hits bright sunlight it turn to a forest green.  My other issue is that it stains the nails, so you'd definitely have to wear a really good base coat, so far this is the other varnish from L.A. Colors that has stained the nails, so I was a little disappointed. This definitely needs two coats or more to get good coverage. I bought this for £1 at my local Harry Tuffins store.

Secondly, we have L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in 'Treasure Island'

Here's what it looks like on the nails:

Okay, so obviously this one is a glitter polish, now normally I tend to stay away from glitters, but the colour of this one really drew me in.  It is a beautiful very green turquoise, the glitter is incredibly fine too, so it covers really well, it has a clear polish base though, so you'll need a good two to three coats if you want perfect coverage on it's own, for the picture I used two coats.  This does look great on it's own and it'd also look great on top of another colour. You'll also need a top coat, as although the glitter is very fine you can still feel it. I bought this for £1 at my local Harry Tuffins store.

Thirdly, we have L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in 'Jungle Fever'

Here's what it's like on the nails:

The name alone made me want to buy this, this is an awesome colour it's a dark almost 'swampy' blue-green with grey tones in it.  It's a really fun colour and one I haven't really seen before, so I was very excited to try it.  It takes two coats to get really good coverage, and it has a great 'wet look' finish. I bought this for £1 at my local Harry Tuffins store.

Next we have Nyx Girls Nail Varnish in 'Hawaii'

Here's what it looks like on the nails:

This colour is absolutely beautiful, definitely one of my favourites.  This is a lot more blue than green, it's a very 'clear ocean' kind of colour.  It has blue, green and gold tones in it.  As you can tell even with two coats it's still very sheer, so I'd suggest around three coats for really good coverage.  I got this for around £1.50 from discount beauty store All Wellan Good, in Cheshire Oaks designer outlet.

And lastly we have LA. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in 'Sea Siren'

Here's what it's like on the nails:

This colour is a really bright turquoise, the picture doesn't quite do it justice, I tried for about a hour to get a picture with it's true colour in it, but this is closest I got, and it's pretty close.  This colour is amazing, and it's so creamy.  It has this great very subtle light blue and gold shimmer to it, which you can only really see in the light.  This colour gives perfect coverage in one coat, there is definitely no need for two.  I did two coats on my first finger and left the other two with just one coat, and there is no difference between them. I was so impressed with the quality of this polish. I bought this for £1 at my local Harry Tuffins store.

And that's all my green-blues for now, I'm definitely going to be buying some more as I'm really in love with this kind of colour at the moment.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you soon! xx