Coming Soon!

So, I thought as a first post I'd basically detail what will be coming to this blog pretty soon.

  • First of all, I'll be doing a review of some Nail Polish I have very recently purchased, I think I'll have to do two reviews, one of which will be focusing on 7 polishes from the same brand, and the other focusing on a few from different brands, in these reviews there will be swatches of each polish and swatches of some of the polishes layered on top of each other, I've recently had a bit of a beauty haul, so expect a few reviews.
  • Secondly, I'll be starting to post images of make up looks that I create, these will be mostly eye shadow looks, and lip art.  With one or two nail art posts, but these will be quite rare.  In the posts I will include lists of the products I used and when and where I used them, also I will list places where you can get these products and the prices I got them for. 
  • Thirdly, I will be starting up a YouTube channel where I will be posting video tutorials of how I created the looks I post in this blog, in each post there will be either a link to the video with the tutorial or the video itself.
I hope that you enjoy the looks I post here and try them out yourselves. If you do try them out, take a picture and link them to me, I'd love to see your version of my looks.  Thanks for reading, and come back soon!  Much love, Catherine x