#13 Board Game Geek's Top 35 Ranked Games

Remember Life? Clue? Monopoly? Yeah, nerds don't play those (exception: Solar Quest is awesome, no matter that it is a Monopoly clone with even less interesting gameplay). Nerds enjoy games that cost at least $41, have lots of little wooden pieces that must be guarded carefully so as to not end up inside the nearest cat or child, and whose rules take many hours to explain. I will also note that although I call them board games, many do not in fact involve a board at all. There may be a randomization element that creates some amount of chance in the game, but it can almost always be won by good strategy over luck. New players may be stumped when a lengthy recitation of rules provides little illumination, and their condescending companions tell them "don't worry, you'll figure it out." Such games provide a necessary social outlet, in that they are a great deal like computer games, but usually require other people in order to play. Plus they encourage such mature and witty jokes as "I've got wood for your sheep" (which sadly is a step up from the "three physicists walk into a bar" style jokes).

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