A Blog...?!

BAM! That (up there) was one of my first attempts at putting eyeshadow on myself after watching xsparkage on YouTube in early 2008. Seriously, I was bored, so naturally, I was surfing YouTube and found makeup tutorials by accident! It was amazing to me how simple it seemed; I wish videos like this existed when I was in high school ( :cough: graduated in 2001 ). Since this first attempt, I've been close to obsessed with makeup and have bought quite a bit. Unfortunately, I am a poor college student now, (getting out of the Navy REALLY hurts your spending budget) so I can't buy NEARLY as much I want to, but I figured out something. Why not work with what I have, use it up and save up for something else I want? Something to try?

I wanted to make YouTube videos, but I don't have a decent camera to do that, so I opted for a blog, at least to start out with. I'm no expert, in the very least, but I thought I'd put my... well, thoughts out there for people to read, criticize and possible make fun of. I'm a nerd, as it says in my blog title: I love Sci-Fi and watch and draw anime. I'm a Japanese major, also working on a German minor at the university I attend. I got out of the Navy last summer, where I worked on aviation electronics for five years. My mother never let me wear makeup while I was in high school, because she said I didn't need it and I accepted that fact. I had always been very against women who put on foundation and powder everyday just to look "normal", but recently... I started getting into that too. In a sense, that makes me a hypocrite, but now I see what all these women are really doing with this stuff for their face.

NO ONE has perfect skin, especially me. It's been freaking out because of my time of the month and this stupid weather where I live and I can't get the acne to go away completely. I'm sure I'm not the only woman in the world with this problem, but it's not any less annoying. I thought that ultimate organic cleansers and toners were the way to go, but after a month, my skin hasn't cleared up like I thought it would. I just recently bought my three favorite cleansers from LUSH: Angels on Bare Skin, Aqua Marina cleanser and Dark Angels cleanser. I try to use a different one each time I wash my face so my skin doesn't completely adjust and they can still work miracles. I hope my crackpot theory works!

Anyway, about foundations and such: I found this wonderful, fantastic stuff on sasa.com, which is a Hong Kong-based site that has all these Asian brands of cosmetics and skincare! I found out about the site from bubzbeauty on YouTube. (Go watch her! She's so cute and adorable!) The stuff is called Blemish Balm Cream, or BB Cream, which works like a light foundation, but also has similar properties to a moisturizer. The stuff I use is by the Japanese cosmetics brand IsQueen, called "High Definition Blemish Balm Cream" which also has SPF 18! (see the stuff here!) I think I'll do a full review with before/after pics on another blog, when I have the full sized bottle. (I just got back from a mini-vacation w/ my boyfriend, and the post office is holding my package, threatening to send it back to Hong Kong tomorrow, if I don't go in to sign for it! DX)

Okay, I guess that's my first official blog post and, hopefully, I'll remember to post more as time goes on. When I do reviews, I'm sure all the products that I already have will be quite outdated and unavailable, so bear with me, as I'm new at this. Leave comments with any tips you might have for the n00b. ttyl!